My thoughts on parenting

My family did not come with a manual. I had no idea how things would be when I started out on this journey.

I have no qualifications in raising children, there is nothing that would make me an expert in my field. What I am equipped with, is a plan. I know how I  would like things to be, I have a strong views on how my children  should be raised. Most importantly I have Vaughn’s support. We work as a team for our team.

I believe in being visible and open. I do not keep things from my children in hopes that one day they would have the same belief and trust in me. I  would like to think that in to days world where anything and everything goes, I am raising two children who will have the courage to stand up for what they believe  in. Who have strong values and optimistic views on the world. I would like to hope that when the day comes that I send my children out into the world they are strong enough to make it better.

I learn faster when I am talking and sharing, I love to talk about my kids. They are such interesting vibrant individuals. I love to talk about how they drive me up the bend, some days I stare in disbelief and wonder how on earth I managed to get into the circle of parenting beacuse clearly I have no clue. I love to talk about my Love, if I had a list of interesting people that i have met he would most certainly be on top.

So we take on this adventure together as a family and see where life takes us.


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