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Dreams are like stars…you may never touch them, but if you follow them they will lead you to your destiny.

Posted in ADHD on February 9, 2009 by navasha123

When I was little my sister and I used to watch the never ending story over and over. We watched it so many times we had the entire movie memorised. There is one part that sums up my day today it goes like this …

Bastian: Why is it so dark?

Empress Moonchild: In the beginning it is always dark.

Bastian: What is that?

Empress Moonchild: One grain of sand. It is all that remains of my vast empire.

Bastian: Fantasia has totally disappeared?

Empress Moonchild: Yes

Bastian: Then everything has been in vain.

Empress Moonchild: No, it hasn’t. Fantasia can arise in you. In your dreams and wishes Bastian.

Bastian: How?

Empress Moonchild: Open your hand.

Empress Moonchild: What are you going to wish for?

Bastian: I don’t know.

Empress Moonchild: Then there will be no Fantasia any more.

Bastian: How many wishes do I get?

Empress Moonchild: As many as you want. And the more wishes you make, the more magnificent Fantasia will become.

Bastian: Really?

Empress Moonchild: Try it.

Jasmyne came home this afternoon and this little girl was glowing. All my fears were lifted in this one single moment. If we only have this one day that will be good enough for me, beacuse this day helped my little girl see that there is so much out there that can be achieved.

In her exact words Jasmyne said mommy i didn’t get into trouble once not even once beacuse i just told my mind to be quiet.

I checked her work book she had stickers on all three pages, she said her swimming went very well she didn’t need a noodle today.She said there was no fighting today either!

Vaughn came home and I got the first of my Valentines day gifts. Long stemmed red roses, can you say ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

So if we have this one single moment I can live with that. I feel like I am walking on air and right beside me is little Jasmyne.


All you need is the plan, the road map, and the courage to press on to your destination.

Posted in ADHD, Learning, Reflection Time on February 6, 2009 by navasha123

It was a bitter sweet victory today. Its been a while since I really felt like I had some decent answers to all my questions. Today was diffrent it feels like  a great weight has been lifted off my shoulders. A huge part of me did not want to see that Jasmyne had ADHD it felt like agreeing with all the doctors meant I was admitting defeat. A big part of me, and I do mean a BIG part of me wanted to just forget about this and act like everything was fine. That there were no issues in class, that there were no issues at home that my daughter was totally perfect in every way possible. The stigma that I had glued to ADHD was appalling, and to all the mothers out there who have dealt with this every day I do apologize. What I believed ADHD was last year and what I know it is now are two entirely diffrent things.

So what do I know about it so far?

I know now that its not caused bypoor parenting or an unstable homelife alothough this could make things worse for the child. I know that sugar could be a trigger but its not the cause. I know that this would happen even in the most promineta schools and has nothing to do with the teachers ability to teach. I know that TV wont cause this either. In excess these things would make things more difficult but they would not be the cause.

There is more i have leaned and there is more than I do need to learn. At least we have a way forward and I am feeling very positive at the moment.

It’s OK to have butterflies in your stomach. Just get them to fly in formation.

Posted in ADHD, Family, Learning on February 4, 2009 by navasha123

We had to make a decision a few hours ago. It was not an easy one to make and honestly the only thing that is going to make me change my mind is if I loose faith in what I am about to do. Why is it always easier to have faith in others and always so much more difficult when you need to believe in yourself.

I have been okay with making choices that impact me but some how I always second guess myself when it comes to my children. Its hard to make choices for others when you know that the choices you make will have an impact on their lives forever. If I look back on the research I have done thus far I can honestly say that the choices I am making are informed ones. When we decided to go this route we were sure this was in our babies best interests.

I suppose that at this point the best thing to do is take that leap of faith and see which way it goes. I know I will have to brace myself for comments and snide remarks.Its already started coming in waves from our own family. Lets hope we have the strength to ride these waves as a family. This could just be the test we need.

We all leave footprints in the sand, the question is, will we be a big heal, or a great soul.

Posted in ADHD, Sad, School, Teacher on January 27, 2009 by navasha123

It was my pull your head out the sand day, today was our one on one meeting at school with our new teacher. Admittedly I was a little apprehensive about going. I have this fear that we stumble into the same problems we had last year. Its so difficult to keeping going when you feel like you are running in one spot all the time. I was under the impression that this meeting was how her teacher, her therapist and vaughn and I were going to synchronize how we were all doing things.

I wish I had normal fears like will my little girl learn how to read or will she learn to swim in time to save her life, instead I worry about will she have the courage to deal with world if I am not there, can she get through school with out getting that dreaded ADHD label, will her busy ways impact on her negatively in relationships with her peers. I mean that’s not normal those fears are just plain weird.

So we walked in and discussed the passed two week. Her teacher really is lovely I can see she is trying hard. It all started the same way. I can see little Jasmyne is bright …. BUT. There it was that dreaded BUT. Oh how I hate that BUT. That word should be eliminated from the English dictionary! If seems as if this year is starting off very much the same as last year. The star chart has been put forward as a possible solution. I know the star chart does not work, I felt like i was being so negative about it. The reality is Jasmyne does not fit the mold, shes not a good little girl who does as she is told with out question. Shes this little girl who questions everything until it makes sense, she enjoys taking on debates and making things work. If she was a fairy she would probably be Tinkerbell!

I believe I have just about ticked off everything on the list, we have done the expensive diet, she is in play therapy, we have changed environments, we are having more family meetings and still fitting in the valuable 15 minutes each a day, we have done the star charts lets face it we have done it all.

I suppose the next step is what I have tried to avoid for so long. We have to go to the neurologist to see what the belive what issue could be. It breaks my heart it really does, when you are trying so hard and nothing works. I am not going to try think about the what ifs at the point, I am just going to keep reading up as much as possible and take it from there when we do this in the end.