A change is as good as a holiday …

Things went mad at the start of school suddenly time became a valuable commodity. I have got some lovely news on my little family though!

Abigail:  Shes talking! Its lovely to hear her chatter in the mornings. Shes is the little lady of the house. Abby has loads of new teeth they are perfect in every way.

Jasmyne: My little sunshine did exceptionally well in her first term. It was good to have that feed back after months of uncertainly on the choices we were making for her. Jazzy finally lost her first tooth (naturally might I add).

Vaughn: One morning he woke up and decided we should get married. Which was wonderful since I now have something to plan!

Me: I am in a great place at the moment, it feels like my home life has settled. I have been baking again and now that I have a carmera I can take pictures!!

I think I should make a whole new page on the wedding its so exciting and has been so much easier to plan this time around.

new picture of my babies


2 Responses to “A change is as good as a holiday …”

  1. Welcome back and congrats to all of you!

  2. Look at wee Jazzy dancing – how cute is she? and congrats on loosing your first tooth.

    I wish I could hear Abigail chattering…

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