Love is my Sword, Goodness my Armor, And Humor my Shield

I was fortunate enough to have an interesting conversation with a friend whom I never see .  I think if we were ever given the chance to meet in real life we probably would not have become friends as quickly as we have. We are two totally diffident people.  Yet while we are chatting on mail we seem to have the same goals, being mothers, learning about others and just trying to make what we have good. Its days like this that I truly appreciate her.  So today I am going to talk about her because I don’t think she knows how wonderful she really is.

My friend, this interesting, funny, wholesome woman is a lovely friend. Some days I dont think she sees it. Like most of us she probably gets so busy in her daily activities so she does not see we everyone around her does. Some days I believe shes so busy making the world around her a beautiful place she does not notice that the main reason it is what it is, is beacuse she is who she is.

My friend, has courage. No matter how many times she gets knocked down in life she always gets up. My friend has honesty. She has never been the type of person who would pretend to have  an unrealistic life, or brag about being some perfect mother who can manage it all. She doesn’t need to you see,  beacuse she is so much more.  She has this incredible amount of hope. That is her best quality, hope that keeps going. When I talk to her and I feel that hope and that quiet confidence she has within, and then it spills over to my side of the screen too.

To my friend I hope you are reading this today, I hope that you really understand that the world is a better place beacuse you are who you are.


One Response to “Love is my Sword, Goodness my Armor, And Humor my Shield”

  1. I had to read that over a few times as it is just so beautiful. You have an incredible flair for writing Navasha. 🙂

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