Debate is masculine, conversation is feminine.

I realised this evening that I really miss my old life. I really love what I have now but there is a part of me that will always look back and wonder.

We ended up at a braai at a friends house. It was lovely to meet some new faces and see some old ones. I enjoyed seeing the old varsity faces again.I was taken back to the old days where we would enjoy a glass of wine and debate the strangest things until we had nothing left to say. I have to giggle thinking back now at how interesting small company mentality vs big company mentality could be.

In many ways I would love to have my cake and eat it. I would love to go back to weekends spent sleeping in and going out to fancy lunches. I miss going out shopping and spending all my money of shoes and crazy hairstyles. Going out until 3am and crawling back in to bed fore the sun rises. I enjoyed my other life, it was so good in so many ways. Its not nearly as good as what I have now but it still makes me glow thinking back.


3 Responses to “Debate is masculine, conversation is feminine.”

  1. I think I have had more fun since having kids than I ever did before… and that includes adult fun without the kids. So I don’t really get that feeling. But I can understand how it must be.

  2. i don’t think that conversation is feminine womens can also do debate just like BENAZIR BHUTTO and in history there are so many womens who r good at debate and all other things

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