Beware of those who would use violence, too often it is violence they want and neither truth nor freedom.

Jasmyne and I spent the evening together this evening.  Her school picnic had been moved due to the rain so she was feeling rather disappointed.

We sent dad off to go see his friends and then made a huge bowl of popcorn and put on a movie. Honestly Igor is not a kids movie and I really wish I had watched it before I put it on for her. I sincerely hope that this movie was not aimed at the childrens’ target market when it was made. Everything was about being evil and destruction. I ended up turning it off half way as Jasmyne and I had lost interest. Once Jasmyne was sleeping I managed to finish the movie. It was painful.

I am honestly stunned at what movies are being produced for children. Its mostly adult humor and the violence in them is terrible. Since when did it become acceptable practice to blow up as many things as possible in a childrens movie? Is that meant to be entertaining? Really?

I wish these animators and producers would wake up, with the amount of power they have one would think that they have the opportunity to change the world in their animation. There was a time where people all over the world were fighting for peace. Now war has taken over and its all we see and experience. Its rather tragic.

The movie starts off with the scientist blowing himself up. Strike One . There is a scene in Igor where the monster has an opportunity to be brain washed to be an axe murderer. Strike Two. They have some stupid suicidal rabbit who cant die  yet he keeps trying to! Strike Three. I have many strikes on this movie but these three really stand out in my mind. I am not even going to go in to how distasteful I found it to use the musical annie in the last fight sceen or how laughing at blind orphans is supposed to be funny?

And we wonder why children are so messed up. This is not the first movie or TV series that has had me sitting there mouth wide open. Bolt came pretty close with its action sceen. This just happens to be the last straw movie. I am most certainly going to make a concered effort to screen all the movies the kids watch from now on.


One Response to “Beware of those who would use violence, too often it is violence they want and neither truth nor freedom.”

  1. i’ve never seen it, but it sounds awful!

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