We all leave footprints in the sand, the question is, will we be a big heal, or a great soul.

It was my pull your head out the sand day, today was our one on one meeting at school with our new teacher. Admittedly I was a little apprehensive about going. I have this fear that we stumble into the same problems we had last year. Its so difficult to keeping going when you feel like you are running in one spot all the time. I was under the impression that this meeting was how her teacher, her therapist and vaughn and I were going to synchronize how we were all doing things.

I wish I had normal fears like will my little girl learn how to read or will she learn to swim in time to save her life, instead I worry about will she have the courage to deal with world if I am not there, can she get through school with out getting that dreaded ADHD label, will her busy ways impact on her negatively in relationships with her peers. I mean that’s not normal those fears are just plain weird.

So we walked in and discussed the passed two week. Her teacher really is lovely I can see she is trying hard. It all started the same way. I can see little Jasmyne is bright …. BUT. There it was that dreaded BUT. Oh how I hate that BUT. That word should be eliminated from the English dictionary! If seems as if this year is starting off very much the same as last year. The star chart has been put forward as a possible solution. I know the star chart does not work, I felt like i was being so negative about it. The reality is Jasmyne does not fit the mold, shes not a good little girl who does as she is told with out question. Shes this little girl who questions everything until it makes sense, she enjoys taking on debates and making things work. If she was a fairy she would probably be Tinkerbell!

I believe I have just about ticked off everything on the list, we have done the expensive diet, she is in play therapy, we have changed environments, we are having more family meetings and still fitting in the valuable 15 minutes each a day, we have done the star charts lets face it we have done it all.

I suppose the next step is what I have tried to avoid for so long. We have to go to the neurologist to see what the belive what issue could be. It breaks my heart it really does, when you are trying so hard and nothing works. I am not going to try think about the what ifs at the point, I am just going to keep reading up as much as possible and take it from there when we do this in the end.


3 Responses to “We all leave footprints in the sand, the question is, will we be a big heal, or a great soul.”

  1. Seriously?! I would never have thought she was ADHD.
    If you need some advice, why don’t you contact Angel (a JHB blogger) – her son has ADHD, she might be able to point you in the right direction or give you some advice (http://angelathome.blogspot.com)

  2. Aah yes my son is repeating grade 2, and really doing well socially in his new class. He is a v emotionally mature boy, jst battling with reading. He had a tough year in 2008, diagnosed with Crohns disease, so was bit behind. Doing v well healthwise now.
    Today I get note from teacher regarding concentration….aaaargh!!!
    sorry for rant, but really….. I know where you are coming from!
    Where do we draw the line and accept these wonderful kids for who they are? Don’t have the answer.
    Thinking of you

  3. I didnt’ realise Jazz had problems like this. She is she bright and cheerful, I would NEVER have guessed. You always told us how she loved to read and how advanced and bright she is.

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