I shall name you squishy. And you shall be my little squishy.

Jasmynes had her first show and tell day at school, I bought her squishies to take to school for all the children to see how they grow. These little squishies are really interesting to watch they start off as little beads and when you add water they swell into these big bubble like balls. I could spend hours running my hands in their water. So far we have three colours but we really need more jars!

I enjoy doing home work with Jasmyne, its supposed to only take us 20 minutes to finish but we seem to get so caught up in what we are doing we don’t notice the time. I wonder about the time allocation are we really meant to complete it in a set time?

I have a meeting her teacher in the morning I will try to find out a little more. While we were going over the numbers and addresses she was supposed to remember, Jasmyne piped up, when do I get to do real big school homework like uncle Brandon? That of course lead to a whole discussion about things happening at the right time. Then it lead to growing up and then why we do homework and then when what happens if you have an emergency at home and then what to do when some one steals you. As you can see there is clearly a reason we take so long to do the homework part we both have a passion for talking!


2 Responses to “I shall name you squishy. And you shall be my little squishy.”

  1. At least she’s still enjoying the homework!

  2. I’m glad she’s interested. I hardly find the time to spend with Megan learning to write her numbers and do arithmetic – its because KK won’t leave us alone for 5 minutes and then Meg looses concentration.

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