Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into.

Today was grocery shopping day, a day that should have been like every other shopping day. I was armed with my trusty high lighter and list of what to buy, I was ready for an estimated total. I was in a state of shock when they gave me the total. Normally I shop for the month with a budget, today the budget went out the window. At first I thought they had rung up something twice in fact I was sure they had accidentally pressed the double or nothing button they store under the till for candid camera moments like this. After the initial shock wore off I paid and glumly pushed my trolleys to the car. I still felt rather down when I got home. it was really not how I had planned my day. I had no idea that food prices had gone up so drastically since my last shop back in November.

While I was unpacking I realised something. I was unpacking food that I could afford for my family.The cost of food has upset me, but that’s life the only thing you know will always be the certain are death and taxes the rest is a total guess especially food prices!

The important part is that although they are what they are at least I can feed my family. My mind wondered to the families who do battle. Its not about how on earth they manage but that so many do and they don’t complain. I suppose it comes down to appreciation. We all want to drive big luxury cars and live in great big fancy houses but in majority cases that’s not a reality so its up to us to appreciate what we can do and what we do have. Its seems like the days of fabluous dinners are drawing to an end. I think its time to get that vegtable garden to really work for us.


One Response to “Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into.”

  1. Recent realisations and wisdom have recently transformed me as well. I wish you peace and true happiness in your new found sense of contentment. WD says to try to think like this ( i.e. with fully sense of contentment) for a week and see what happens. I feel you are showing me that your are like me tuning to the meaningful aspects of your existence.



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