The trouble with super heroes is what to do between phone booths.

One of my favorite shows at the moment is Heroes, I love to wonder what it would be like if we had super powers. I wonder if majority of us would use them for good or if we would all turn on each other with our newly found abilities. I wonder if life would become easier in some ways and more complicated in others.

We were watching twilight last night and there was this really beautiful scene where the family of vampires, were playing baseball. Each family member had his or her own unique ability which made the game that much more fun. I suppose it is possible to say that we do have heroes that walk beside us every day. In a sense each member of our own families really does have abilities which are unique to them.

If I had to really think about it I would say Vaughn has the ability to look at anything and understand how it works, from car engines to remote controlled cars. It is incredible to watch him take something apart and have it running again with in minutes. Jasmyne would definitely have the power of insight. She is so good at reading people and how they are feeling. Abigail is still a little thing I would think her ability is healing, it is amazing how just a smile from her can turn a person’s day!

When I look outside our family I believe I have friends with wonderful super power abilities. I have a friend who can stop time. She takes photos and that one special moment can stop for eternity. I have a friend who has ESP, I was thinking of her and out of the blue she called me to ask me how I was doing. I have a friend who has super strength! No matter what card life hands her she stands up and dusts her knees. I met another friend not so long ago who has the power of persuasion, she has this amazing talent to convince you that you can do anything you want to do. These friends have all helped me this week in ways they probably will never know. Its because of these friends that my one dream at work is going to become a reality.

So you see there are people who have super powers that move alongside us everyday its just that sometimes we dont see them for what they really are … Heroes!


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