A garden is a delight to the eye and a solace for the soul.

My garden designs arrived today!!

I was thrilled with what they presented to us and we cant wait to get them started. Unfortunately we are going to have to wait four more months to get started. The building needs to be completed and the rainy season needs draw to a halt.

What I have on the plans:

A section for the adults, this is a section where we will put the water feature. Its close to the patio and brings a sense of calmness to a long busy day. We have ever green plants and soothing colours.

The forget about it corner, this was really important to me. I wanted a section in the garden where we could go have a discussion and leave it there.  Here we have ever green srubs and some pretty colours in summer. Its a little private but you still have a sense of being part of the garden around you. Its under a huge oak tree which will allow some change in the diffrent seasons.

The children’s corner, this part I am really excited to develop. Its a place only for children where they can go when they need to relax or find some peace with in. Having watched Jasmyne over the last five years I have found that although she  loves her bedroom she really enjoys being outside. This little section will also be near a vegetable garden for the girls. I would like them to have a place where they can explore their gardening talents and be proud of their little crops. We are going to build a hobbit house here too which will provide just enough space for little girls and a tea party.This is a section with ever green and seasonal plants. The flowers will have bright colours and the shrubs, interesting textures.

So there you have it my new years project is about to take off very soon, I have decided to give each section a name. I think that will come to us once the garden has been set up. We could even have a garden naming party LOL.


One Response to “A garden is a delight to the eye and a solace for the soul.”

  1. That sounds so very cool!! Love the sounds of all of it actually.

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