The purpose of fun is to have it.

It was our first school gala today. Jasmyne could not wait to get to school to see what they would be doing. Although the grade O’s were not swimming they were still given the opportunity to join the rest of the school to participate in the cheering. I think it was also a really nice way to introduce the little ones to the rest of the school and their traditions.

All the children were put into their sports houses. Jazz is in the green house. She really enjoyed her first sports day. I have been informed that at the end of the year shes going to swim as fast as the big children and everyone will be cheering for her like she did for them today.  So lets hope the weather holds for her tomorrow since swimming has started again and she is really looking forward to going. I also had to fill out ballet forms today, they have ballet after school now.

On the topic of sports little Abigail is getting rather good at throwing and catching her ball. Jasmyne made her a little material ball during the holidays and this has become one of Abigail’s most treasured possessions. She loves to carry is around with her on her travels around the house. She also has the most beautiful table manners.

I really hope that both girls keep going with the sporting activities at school. I have given this some thought and there is no way they could not benefit from participating. Wolgnag Schadler was once quoted saying “Victory isn’t defined by wins or losses. It is defined by effort. If you can truthfully say, ‘I did the best I could, I gave everything I had,’ then you’re a winner.” I tend to agree with him.

This evening my mini project nearly ended in tears. I had just finished up and started to clean away my tools. One of the rather large containers needed space on one of the top shelves in the kitchen, so I pushed the few things blocking the way aside and a book fell over the edge. It felt as if time stopped for those few spit seconds as I watched the other books following the first! The books had fallen right  on top of my project! I needed a few deep breaths before I started lifting the books. Thankfully there was no harm done the books had fallen at a rather strange angle. I would hate to think how I would have attempted damage  in this case had the books not fallen like they did. This situation made me think about a few things though. So what if the books had fallen the other way. There is always a work around, and even though I would be very disappointed it would not be the end of the world. I seem to worry about the small details in the day and often forget to consider the big picture. I wonder if that is not the route of all my daily stress. So frantic about trying to make one small thing perfect that I do not have time to sit back and enjoy the big picture.

I think I am going to try that tomorrow. Just let things happen and really enjoy those moments rather than try control them. Who knows I may just have fun for a change rather than being the one who’s making sure everything is perfect.


2 Responses to “The purpose of fun is to have it.”

  1. That’s a lot of info in one post 🙂 LOL!
    I gave up on secret buddies after the 1st disastrous one. I was fun, but I never got anything in return 😉

  2. thats just horrid did you ever find out who your buddy was?

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