Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.

Today was Jasmynes first day in big school. She started Grade R.  I was so proud of  her, in her little uniform. We bought her a size 4-5 and it was still to big. The shirt just passes her knees the pants we had to take in on the sides. You have exactly four fingers of skin between the end of the pants and the start of the socks where you can see her little legs peeping out. Her jersey has to be pulled up or it hangs way over her finger tips. I really think I should have gone with the 3-4 size but I was concerned about it being a tad to small.

Last night:

Jasmyne was very eager about starting today, we spoke about her new teacher Mrs Van Wyk and her new class and what it would be like to make new friends. Jasmyne insisted on helping my make her sandwiches. I love watching her spread the butter over the bread, she does it with so much care. Then she pulled out the cherries and pretzels and a small tub of yogurt .Then we packed her school cooler bag and she sat with me while we chatted about growing up. After she went to bed I popped a little note in her lunch tin. The note says:


You are our little star I love you always mommy.

She found it this morning while she was packing her cooler bag into her school bag. I knew beacuse she came to ask me why it says rats on the letter I gave her. Shes going through this weird phase of reading letters backwards. Its cute however weird it may be.

This morning:

Jasmyne was up and about very early.  We had set the table for her last night before bed so this morning, I made her breakfast. She declined, I could see on her face that this was the last thing she wanted to be doing. I let her go and she whizzed off to her room to get dressed. When she came out she was looking so smart! Little Abigail was so excited she ran to Jazz and hugged her so tight.

At school:

Our first day was amazing. Jazz just slipped into the whole vibe of the school. The kids were all very excited about being back at school.They had SABC walking around chatting to parents and children.

Jazz walked into her class and started looking for her name on her desk. Her desk is in the middle of the class right up front near the teacher. Then she went looking for her locker. Its so pretty, she has a bottom locker with her name tag neatly printed on it. Next to her name is a very pretty pink little flower. She popped her little bag in her locker then greeted the teacher and bolted outside to go check out the school play ground. Then she came back in and said hello to Rachel. They met at orientation day and shes been so excited out about seeing her again. Rachel was thrilled to see Jasmyne, her mother said she was talking about her the entire holiday. Before we left Jasmyne said Rachel was going to be her new best friend Laughing Her teacher is lovely and warm. I have a good feeling about this school.

The 911 on the first day in class:

After school Granny collected Jazzy. I called them to see how it went. Jen said that Jasmyne was rather quiet and very tired. I called Jazzy and she said that she had a wonderful day, she loved playing with her new friends and she loved her new teacher. She said that all the children were given their own crayons and that they had to draw pictures of themselves. Jazz said she drew a picture of her with coloured hair! She loved playing with Rachel and would like her to come over for a play date. Jared was also there today Jasmyne says he wanted to talk to her about his holiday but she didnt want to listen she just wanted to run around and play.

And so the first day of school draws to an end.

Some pictures:


One Response to “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”

  1. Hehe she looks too cute in that huge uniform!
    Hope the energy of packing lunches doesn’t wane quickly

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