Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.

Jasmyne and I popped out this morning to go pick up some little things for her lunch tin. This is the first time I have to pack lunch for school, its so exciting!!

I gave Jazz the opportunity to pick things that she would like to see in her cooler bag. I was pleasantly suprised with what she selected. There was one treat that she requested, chocolate chip cookies which I thought was okay to sneak in.  We started weekly pocket money this week as well. Five rand a week to be exact. Jasmyne was so excited about this, she asked me to please sit and write down all her money things like mommy and daddy do. So we sat this evening and drew up her budget. Jasmyne says she would like to save up for an ice cream maker so that she can make ice cream when ever she wants. I had to giggle at the thought of having 600 liters of ice cream in the fridge *giggle*’

This afternoon I decided to tackle a few more things, on my to do list this for year. Let those who matter know. I invited my In laws over for a huge lunch to say thank you for helping us with the children during the holidays.While I was making lunch I discovered a new recipe. I call it green tato pies. Its basically mash and beans and onions mashed and cut in to circles. Then I grill them with a little mozzarella on top until they are crispy. They were quite a hit.

Abigail also learned something new today. If she walks to where the bread bin is in the kitchen and points and says der der, Jasmyne will make her d. I  decided to slip out of the kitchen for a few seconds just to get my bath going. When I got back Abby was pulling out ALL the plates in the Tupperware cupboard and Jasmyne was making some very syrupy peanut butter sandwiches for the two of them. Abigail could not contain her excitement as Jazz proudly handed her the plate and sat down immediately and started to chomp away.

Now my little angles are in bed after begging me to read them every story in Abigails bookshelf. My throat is sore, I have something that can only be the left overs of a peanut butter sanwhich squished between my toes and I need to go do my own budget before I can call it a night. This week is going to be an adventure. New school, new routines, new friends. How much more fun could we ask for.


2 Responses to “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”

  1. Hehe school lunches are overrated, they become a chore very quickly!
    Lol at Abigail, she’s such a little character.

  2. Your girls are so special.

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