“It is not how much you do, but how much love you put in the doing.”

It was date night last night. I LOVE DATE NIGHT. We got home quickly fed the kids and then got them settled for the evening. See we have decided that out relationship requires a little spontaneity and romance. We felt like we need the undivided attention that we used to give each other… 10 years ago!

Since we became parents date night seems to have taken a slight turn. Most date nights mean that we drop each other an email asking if the other is free for the evening. There is a choice we can go out for a dinner and a movie or stay in and get snacks and watch a movie. Something like dancing or miniature golf is considered exercise at our age.


Its incredibly romantic and poetic and goes something like this ….

Hey love, you up for date night? (ah the calls of love)

Good idea should we get chocolate and wine.  (the romantic part)

Ye and I have a new movie (the build up and excitement)

I hope the kids stay asleep this time…. (the thrill)


The nights sexy attire no longer includes  wearing lace and smothering yourself with expensive perfume. No more listening to old dirty dancing classics while you put on your make up and drink a glass of wine. The days of wondering if you have picked the right outfit and if they will match your purse packed up and left the building years ago. No since parenthood things have changed.

Its become a whirlwind of one parent getting the kids to wash their faces and brush teeth after dinner and then a swap around so that the one parent can shower while the other reads to them. Then one makes the snacks and the other pours the wine and then after sorting everything out for the next morning, DATE NIGHT can finally begin. Its amazing how kids sense that they are being left out of something. I am sure its a survival thing. The kids sense that there is a possibility, even if its just the slightest chance that they may end up sharing their home with yet another sibling. This may have bigger impacts too what if they get less sweets or less attention what if the trips to the bubble shop stop and Santa only brings one gift!  So they have build in alert monitors that sense a moment between the parents and wake up minutes before! The first pitter patter of feet signal the moment alert monitors have sounded and they start coming though.  Looking for some one to get water, and then a shout from a cot for a bottle of water and then the cat and then a mommy I need a wee and then the movie is over.

So things have changed two kids later, they have changed a lot. Its different but some how sweeter. I will really put some effort in considering  the sweeter part when I have finished planning my weekend away to a part of the world where they do not allow thirsty little people and hungry pets!

There is one thing that has not changed in all these years. the butterflies I get when I kiss him good night. Thats the magical part of date night, you know who your going home with and you know its going to end well.


4 Responses to ““It is not how much you do, but how much love you put in the doing.””

  1. Oh LOL, sorry that you didn’t enjoy the movie on your own!

  2. Ya the joys of having two kids and three cats LOL.
    It was not so bad in the end. I suppose its what you make of a situation that counts.

  3. I enjoyed reading that Nash. I like your idea of date night at home and now that Zoe is on her way I think we might have to try it out until she is a bit older and get an actual babysitter 🙂

  4. How romantic …. date night at home.

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