Children are love made visible

Watching my girls grow has been one of the most rewarding opportunities I have ever been privy to. Today I would like to share a few things that happened in the last 24 hours that made me smile. Yes, they can be little trolls some days but mostly they are little angles who make me smile.

Things that made me smile 1 :

This morning while I was getting ready for work:

Jasmyne: Mommy did you do everything that you boss told you to do yesterday?

Me: Yes, I did Jazz

Jasmyne: Are you very sure? You are not telling a fib are you?

Me: I am pretty sure I did exactly what I needed to do. You saw mommy when I got home I was tired but happy beacuse I had a good day!

Jasmyne: Okay, well then I think you earned this money. Well done for working so hard.

Me: *Beam* why thank you Jazz, but I think you should put it in your money box and we can spend it together.

Jasmyne: No that would not work, you earned this money (holding out 5 cents) so I would like you to spend it. What are you going to buy with it?

Me: I need to think about it.

Jasmyne:  You can just buy flowers or a magazine or chocolates or even bubbles!

Me: I think flowers are the best option.

Jasmyne: Okay good mommy, see you did well and now you will get a reward.

Things that made me smile 2:

Last night we were eating dinner and I was tring to feed Abigail. She was not interested. After a while I decided I would put her on a chair at the table next to her sister with a spoon. If she ate great and if not well then clearly she was not hungry in the first place. As soon as her chair was pushed in, Abigail started to eat. After her second helping I realised that I was looking at an incredibly independent little girl. All that Abigail wanted was to be able to sit next to her sister,  have dinner and feed herself. After handing them their grapes after dinner I even recived a Tak U from little Abigail.

Things that made me smile 3:

I was looking for the girls before bed time last night. I walked into Abigails bedroom and found Jasmyne laying on Abigails lap and Abigail was just holding her sisters head. Both girls had this look of pure bliss on their faces. After a while I realised that Abigail had no intention of letting go of Jasmynes head. When Jasmyne tried to lift her head Abigail would shout UH UH UH UH. So Jasmyne said she would stay for just a while longer untill Abigail had to go to bed. I walked out the room hoping that their relationship would be this strong for years to come.

I wonder where my kids pick these things up. I have been told that children are like little sponges. It appreas that what we try to pass on is being abosrbed on various  levels. The school holidays have been so good for both girls. They have always had a lovely bond, only now they are spending time togther and now they are more than sisters, they are best friends.

I love days like these, I have a chance to see my little girls blossom.


2 Responses to “Children are love made visible”

  1. Awww sweet at the last one!

  2. My girls do the last one together often too.

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