Be the change you would like to see in the world

We heard some news yesterday afternoon that made my blood freeze. The before there had been an armed robbery  about 4/5 houses up the road. That night we were oblivious as to what was going on. We heard nothing. It made me wonder what would happen if it was us. Would anyone know? What would we do? I have two small children in my home and my biggest fear is that in a situation like this, I would not be able to protect them.

I have started doing some research on neighborhood watch. Being proactive would have to be my first course of action. I love my home, my family loves it we are happy there. I am not about to let a bunch of thugs make me feel insecure about a place that I love. I started reading up on safety advice and found this. I hope those who are reading find this information as useful as I have.

Hold up and Hi-jacking Tips:

  1. Always try to remain calm and do not attempt to show any signs of aggression
  2. Be compliant to all demands set by the perpetrator
  3. Do not threaten or challenge the hi-jacker
  4. Do not stare at the hi-jacker in the eyes, he may perceive this action to be a threat and act more aggressively.
  5. Keep your hands still and where the person can see them so as to give him the assurance of your passive intent.
  6. Do not make fast movements
  7. Do not attempt any form of evasive or counter action unless you are suitably qualified.
  8. Do not loose your temper or act aggressively
  9. Do not become panic stricken, panic is contagious and can compound an already difficult situation.
  10. If you speak too fast, use slang language or swear it can be seen as a threat or an attempt to undermine his position.
  11. Make notes after incident to ensure accurate detailed information for the police.

Personal Safety:

  1. Know all emergency numbers by heart or place it on speed dial
  2. If in doubt about the safety of an area, phone a police station for advice.
  3. Be aware of your surroundings and the people around you.
  4. Wherever you are on the street, in an office building or shopping malls, driving, waiting for a bus, stay alert and
  5. tuned into your surrounding.
  6. Try not to walk in remote places at night.
  7. Know the neighborhoods where you live and work.
  8. Trust your instincts.
  9. Inform someone of your destination beforehand no matter the distance or time you expect to be gone for.
  10. Limit your trips at night or at least take someone along with you.
  11. Never let a stranger use your phone.
  12. Never admit you are alone.
  13. Send the message you are calm, confident and know what you are doing.
  14. Never resist especially if there is a weapon involved.
  15. Activate your house and car alarm.
  16. Do not wear extravagant jewelry.
  17. Avoid carrying large amounts of money

We need to become more aware of what is going on around us. We need to teach our children to do the same.


One Response to “Be the change you would like to see in the world”

  1. Hectic, it’s my worry too that no-one will realise we’re in trouble, and we don’t know our neighbours well enough.

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