Treat the Earth well. It was not given to you by your parents. It was loaned to you by your children

Today started off beautifully. I think its a perfect opportunity to attempt one of the things on my list and include the kids.

I was looking at the list and picked the try something you have not tired before and then linked it up to teaching the kids about being eco-friendly.

Its such a simple project and we could try keep it going through out the year.

How I intend to take this on:

1. Make a compost bucket for left over vegetable and fruit peels

2. Plant a few more indigenous trees in our garden

3. Start a waste paper bin to take to ronnies recycling

4. Make sure we are more awe of the amount of electricity we use in the house.

5. Start watering the garden at night.

I think there is so much good that could come out of something like this. I would like to see how long it would take us to change our habits.

We just experienced the strangest storm. While it was raging on the garden was light up like a Christmas tree. The wind was very strong, I was left to watch my poor little baby herb plants while they flapped around in the wind.

Abigail has started a rather strange habit. If you have ever heard the saying who eats the fastest gets the most you will understand little Abigail. She went through 5 days of living on grapes and bread. This evening she decided that she would eat 3 potato cakes and two helpings of peas, all this after she had eaten her own dinner. The obession did not end there mind you. She sneaked off to where Jasmyne was quietly sitting and eating while we were in the kitchen cleaning up. Abigail proceded to grab handfuls of Jasmynes peas right off her plate. Poor Jasmyne sat there in dibelief . With a nice full tummy she gave me the nod and I wisked her off to bed.

This evening I am working on budgets for my youngest sister. I rather enjoy doing this, its almost become a hobby. Strange how I seem to enjoy that whichI tried so hard to move away from.


2 Responses to “Treat the Earth well. It was not given to you by your parents. It was loaned to you by your children”

  1. LOL at Abigail!
    As for the recycling, don’t you get paper recycling in your area? you should do, we do. All you have to do is find out which day, and leave a packet outside filled with paper and cardboard. They’re replace your packet with a recycling bag – it’s free!

  2. how did you get them to come around? do they have a day where they collect?

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