I cherish you, you’re sweet and kind. A truer friend I’ll never find

We spent a lovely day enjoying each others company. Having two daughters means I have two of my best friends living in my house. I am exhausted yet I feel so full of life . I woke up this morning with a bee in my bonnet. Once I had tidied up my little house and made Abigail’s meals for the week. I called the little girls to the kitchen.

We started off with our science project. Jasmyne has been begging to show her how crystals are made. I helped her build a little crystal forest and put it one side. This little forest was the centre of attention the entire day. Every hour or so we would pop into the room to see how our little forest was doing. It was so interesting to see how the little buds formed!

I have always enjoyed science. It is a passion I would love my girls to pick up on. Once a fortnight I go into a local educational shop and pick up a science project. We learn about all sorts of weird and interesting stuff, from gold and how its mined to water and how its formed. Our science project today was based on crystals. This had both girls entertained the entire day. As the crystals grew so did the excitement.

After all that we decided that we needed a break. I filled the pool with bubbles and hopped in with the girls. Really now that water … it was freezing! I have no idea how they managed to stay in there that long but I was all but skimming the waters surface!

While our forest was blossoming we baked up a storm, I gave Jasmyne the opportunity to see how far she could get making a cake with out my help. Jazz managed to get the mixer and a bowl, open the cake mix, break two eggs and measure the milk and oil before calling me. I helped her mix and popped the cake in the oven. The cake turned out beautifully and all but a slice remains.
I love baking with the girls, especially when its quick recipes that we are able to put together with out worrying about the end result. I prefer the pre – mix chocolate cakes. That way Jasmyne can bake her heart out and its flop proof which gives her the courage to keep going. I would like to see this day as a day of building up the girls interests. Just give them things they think they may enjoy and see where it takes us. Looking back I believe we picked three winners as the girls enjoyed every thing.
My sister joined us this afternoon which was a lovely surprise. It has been a while since we have had a chance to spend some quality time together. She had a ball taking hundreds of pictures of the girls playing in the garden.

This evening the kids are in bed, they are knackered and I am off to go spend some sisterly love time with Rose. She has brought sex in the city in a vain attempt to get me to become a follower.


One Response to “I cherish you, you’re sweet and kind. A truer friend I’ll never find”

  1. Very cool project Nash!

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