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Debate is masculine, conversation is feminine.

Posted in growing up, Letting those who matter know, Time together on January 31, 2009 by navasha123

I realised this evening that I really miss my old life. I really love what I have now but there is a part of me that will always look back and wonder.

We ended up at a braai at a friends house. It was lovely to meet some new faces and see some old ones. I enjoyed seeing the old varsity faces again.I was taken back to the old days where we would enjoy a glass of wine and debate the strangest things until we had nothing left to say. I have to giggle thinking back now at how interesting small company mentality vs big company mentality could be.

In many ways I would love to have my cake and eat it. I would love to go back to weekends spent sleeping in and going out to fancy lunches. I miss going out shopping and spending all my money of shoes and crazy hairstyles. Going out until 3am and crawling back in to bed fore the sun rises. I enjoyed my other life, it was so good in so many ways. Its not nearly as good as what I have now but it still makes me glow thinking back.


Beware of those who would use violence, too often it is violence they want and neither truth nor freedom.

Posted in Best friend, Family, Girls Time on January 30, 2009 by navasha123

Jasmyne and I spent the evening together this evening.  Her school picnic had been moved due to the rain so she was feeling rather disappointed.

We sent dad off to go see his friends and then made a huge bowl of popcorn and put on a movie. Honestly Igor is not a kids movie and I really wish I had watched it before I put it on for her. I sincerely hope that this movie was not aimed at the childrens’ target market when it was made. Everything was about being evil and destruction. I ended up turning it off half way as Jasmyne and I had lost interest. Once Jasmyne was sleeping I managed to finish the movie. It was painful.

I am honestly stunned at what movies are being produced for children. Its mostly adult humor and the violence in them is terrible. Since when did it become acceptable practice to blow up as many things as possible in a childrens movie? Is that meant to be entertaining? Really?

I wish these animators and producers would wake up, with the amount of power they have one would think that they have the opportunity to change the world in their animation. There was a time where people all over the world were fighting for peace. Now war has taken over and its all we see and experience. Its rather tragic.

The movie starts off with the scientist blowing himself up. Strike One . There is a scene in Igor where the monster has an opportunity to be brain washed to be an axe murderer. Strike Two. They have some stupid suicidal rabbit who cant die  yet he keeps trying to! Strike Three. I have many strikes on this movie but these three really stand out in my mind. I am not even going to go in to how distasteful I found it to use the musical annie in the last fight sceen or how laughing at blind orphans is supposed to be funny?

And we wonder why children are so messed up. This is not the first movie or TV series that has had me sitting there mouth wide open. Bolt came pretty close with its action sceen. This just happens to be the last straw movie. I am most certainly going to make a concered effort to screen all the movies the kids watch from now on.

We all leave footprints in the sand, the question is, will we be a big heal, or a great soul.

Posted in ADHD, Sad, School, Teacher on January 27, 2009 by navasha123

It was my pull your head out the sand day, today was our one on one meeting at school with our new teacher. Admittedly I was a little apprehensive about going. I have this fear that we stumble into the same problems we had last year. Its so difficult to keeping going when you feel like you are running in one spot all the time. I was under the impression that this meeting was how her teacher, her therapist and vaughn and I were going to synchronize how we were all doing things.

I wish I had normal fears like will my little girl learn how to read or will she learn to swim in time to save her life, instead I worry about will she have the courage to deal with world if I am not there, can she get through school with out getting that dreaded ADHD label, will her busy ways impact on her negatively in relationships with her peers. I mean that’s not normal those fears are just plain weird.

So we walked in and discussed the passed two week. Her teacher really is lovely I can see she is trying hard. It all started the same way. I can see little Jasmyne is bright …. BUT. There it was that dreaded BUT. Oh how I hate that BUT. That word should be eliminated from the English dictionary! If seems as if this year is starting off very much the same as last year. The star chart has been put forward as a possible solution. I know the star chart does not work, I felt like i was being so negative about it. The reality is Jasmyne does not fit the mold, shes not a good little girl who does as she is told with out question. Shes this little girl who questions everything until it makes sense, she enjoys taking on debates and making things work. If she was a fairy she would probably be Tinkerbell!

I believe I have just about ticked off everything on the list, we have done the expensive diet, she is in play therapy, we have changed environments, we are having more family meetings and still fitting in the valuable 15 minutes each a day, we have done the star charts lets face it we have done it all.

I suppose the next step is what I have tried to avoid for so long. We have to go to the neurologist to see what the belive what issue could be. It breaks my heart it really does, when you are trying so hard and nothing works. I am not going to try think about the what ifs at the point, I am just going to keep reading up as much as possible and take it from there when we do this in the end.

I shall name you squishy. And you shall be my little squishy.

Posted in Girls Time, Learning, School, Time together on January 26, 2009 by navasha123

Jasmynes had her first show and tell day at school, I bought her squishies to take to school for all the children to see how they grow. These little squishies are really interesting to watch they start off as little beads and when you add water they swell into these big bubble like balls. I could spend hours running my hands in their water. So far we have three colours but we really need more jars!

I enjoy doing home work with Jasmyne, its supposed to only take us 20 minutes to finish but we seem to get so caught up in what we are doing we don’t notice the time. I wonder about the time allocation are we really meant to complete it in a set time?

I have a meeting her teacher in the morning I will try to find out a little more. While we were going over the numbers and addresses she was supposed to remember, Jasmyne piped up, when do I get to do real big school homework like uncle Brandon? That of course lead to a whole discussion about things happening at the right time. Then it lead to growing up and then why we do homework and then when what happens if you have an emergency at home and then what to do when some one steals you. As you can see there is clearly a reason we take so long to do the homework part we both have a passion for talking!

Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen

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Today was our creative day, we made cute little chicken pies.  Just a simple premade puff pastry and chicken mixture that we cut out in to little hearts and stars and filled . Jasmyne was over the moon when she got home from church. She cant wait to have one for lunch at school.

I made today abigails day. We were up early to go on our first girls shopping trip, just the two of us hunting for finger paints .I put her table and chair out into the sunny garden. Abigail absolutely had a ball this was all very new to her, these strange things in bottles that tasted funny. Once she got going,she painted the paper, she painted herself, she painted the table and chairs and then she painted me.

I learned two things about Abigail today firstly she loves the colour red and secondly if given the opportunity she does not mind getting dirty! I was starting to wonder about her but it turns out she loves getting messy.

We ended the day with a stir fry for my mother in law, it was her birthday dinner. I enjoyed having the whole family around it was great to catch up with them.

Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into.

Posted in Family, Saving Money on January 24, 2009 by navasha123

Today was grocery shopping day, a day that should have been like every other shopping day. I was armed with my trusty high lighter and list of what to buy, I was ready for an estimated total. I was in a state of shock when they gave me the total. Normally I shop for the month with a budget, today the budget went out the window. At first I thought they had rung up something twice in fact I was sure they had accidentally pressed the double or nothing button they store under the till for candid camera moments like this. After the initial shock wore off I paid and glumly pushed my trolleys to the car. I still felt rather down when I got home. it was really not how I had planned my day. I had no idea that food prices had gone up so drastically since my last shop back in November.

While I was unpacking I realised something. I was unpacking food that I could afford for my family.The cost of food has upset me, but that’s life the only thing you know will always be the certain are death and taxes the rest is a total guess especially food prices!

The important part is that although they are what they are at least I can feed my family. My mind wondered to the families who do battle. Its not about how on earth they manage but that so many do and they don’t complain. I suppose it comes down to appreciation. We all want to drive big luxury cars and live in great big fancy houses but in majority cases that’s not a reality so its up to us to appreciate what we can do and what we do have. Its seems like the days of fabluous dinners are drawing to an end. I think its time to get that vegtable garden to really work for us.

Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some sort of battle

Posted in Learning, Listen, Reflection Time on January 21, 2009 by navasha123

I was reading up on children learning to build relationships at school when I came across this quote. Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some sort of battle.

This quote really made me sit back and think about how I present myself to people during the day. I often wonder if the person they see is the person I really am or if they just assume I am a certain type of person just because of how I come across to them. I understand that first impressions count but what about last expressions. Do you ever really get a chance to go back and change that?

The other thing about this quote that had me thinking was that even with people we know, is it really that difficult to try, understand where they are coming from. To just give that other person the space and understanding they need because they really could be fighting a battle you know nothing of. I think that often it is to easy to make assumptions based on choices you would make rather than waiting it out to see how the cards fall.

I suppose the only way to really understand this quote is to give it a try. Just give everyone the benefit of the doubt and trust them with out them having to ask you. It is always easy to run someone down but how long does it take to help build them up again.

I am off to spend the evening with Edward and a cup of tea now at least he gets me *grin*