*~* Cheers to a new year and another chance to get it right*~*

We made it to 2009 with so much to look forward to!

Last night was a lovely evening, it was one of those nights I wish I could put in a box and treasure forever. We had a lovely braai with close friends and family and all I was asked to do was sit and relax. The girls were in top form and really were little angles. Little Jasmyne, even made it to midnight to see the new year in with us. Abigail decided that she would rather snuggle in a warm cozy bed.The guys ended up going out and Vaughn and I brought our little family home to rest.

When we got home we had to try sort out the mess that the storm had created. It was so powerful it managed to move the patio furniture and blew over my great big umbrella While we were outside drinking tea I heard a fight going on next door it seemed rather intense with lots of shouting backwards and forwards. Out of the blue there was a piercing scream. I got up and ran to the edge of the wall to try work out were it was coming from . Standing in the pouring rain I waited for a good 15 minutes to try find out where it had come from. I gave up in the end and heard nothing more again.

This morning I woke up at the crack of dawn to take some me tea time. It was still raining which I believe is always a good sign, just wash away that old years dust and bad karma . Everything that is new deserves a fresh start and a clean slate and why not apply that to the new year too.

I had planned a scrumptious ladies breakfast for all the ladies who, we spent new years eve with last night. I had already fried up the bacon and eggs and made up big cheerful fruit platters. While I was standing at my sink rinsing my chopping board I bumped it over right on to my right foot. I had not set up the tables yet so I ended up calling everyone and canceling the event 30 minutes before show time. I was in far too much pain to try pull it all together at that point and so it has been postponed to a sunnier day.

I ended up on my bed drugged and sore for the most of the day.My mom ran me a beautiful bubble bath and Vaughn made me some tea. After my bath I walked into my bedroom and Jasmyne was on my bed waiting for me. Very proudly told me that she had written her first book and that it was for me. I sat there mesmerized as she told her story. Jasmyne had even taken the time to put together the illustrations for each page!


cant remember the exact story but its something like this.

The Story Of the Little Girl Called Love

Once a long time ago in a land called south african land, lived a special little fairy girl called Love, who had diamonds on her skirt. Everyday she would go out into the town and put the diamonds in the peoples eyes. Their eyes would sparkle bright and they would smile and have love in their hearts. One day the girl called Love woke up and found she had no more diamonds left. She was sad and the town turned grey.

All the people decided that if they all took one diamond out of their one eye and shared it with a person who didn’t have they would all be happy again and their eyes would twinkle with love in their hearts!

So they did it and that is why when you see some one winking with half a smile you know that they shared the diamond that was in their eye and some of the love in their heart.


This gesture touched me so. Such a little girl to writing an intricate and thought provoking story is out of this world. The most touching was that she had done it all for me. She saw I had some tears in my eyes after I hurt my foot and decided to do what she could to make me feel better again.
Jasmyne started another one this afternoon about a girl called Mezza who was a fix-it-all. I cant wait to hear all about it when shes done.

I have decided to declare new years day Pancake and ice cream dinner day from now on. After waking up i decided to hobble off to the kitchen to make fruit and ice cream pancakes. I had already sorted out the fruit earlier this morning and what better way to spend a holiday than eating pancakes and ice cream for dinner!!

Abigail has taken to doing everything her way, she wont eat unless she may feed herself, if I give them ice cream she will request grapes if I offer juice Abigail wants water and so the day goes. I guess I can at least say that all my children are tough enough to know what they want.

After dinner we had a chuckle. Jasmyne managed to get her father into her room and playing family with her new doll house. Then she had us both trying handstands. I do not remember when I last attempted one but I can safely say I have not lost my touch just yet. I am sure this qualifies as something I have never done yet as an adult?


2 Responses to “*~* Cheers to a new year and another chance to get it right*~*”

  1. Awww, very sweet!! Love the story 🙂
    Hope your foot isn’t broken!

  2. harassedmomsramblings Says:

    Sounds like a lovely time Nash 🙂

    Very cute story too!!!

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